Any Architectural Need

ECOdomes are constructed of steel-reinforced concrete and designed to satisfy any architectural need: recreation centres, hockey arenas, churches, schools, private homes, emergency service centres, community centres, even bulk storage and containment.

Each structure surpasses durability standards established by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offering near-absolute protection against fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. ECOdomes cannot burn, rust, rot, or be ravaged by insects.
ECOdomes Canada develops innovative, eco-friendly homes and buildings for Canadians. We are the Canadian affiliate of an international family of companies with over 35 years experience in engineering and constructing custom dome buildings for high energy efficiency, cost control, strength and longevity.
  1. Low Construction Costs
  2. Low Maintenance Costs
  3. Extreme Energy Efficiency
  4. Near Absolute Protection
  5. Centuries Long Lifespan
  6. Fully Customized Design
"NatureNomics" is our way of expressing the economic efficiencies of combining our patented technology with
the many advantages of robust natural strength and an
eco-friendly philosophy.

ECOdome's construction process ensures a consistent naturally induced interior temperature of approximately
12 degrees C. or 55 degrees F. without artificial heating
or cooling! Save money all day every day with ECOdome.
ECOdomes use 50-75 % less heating and cooling energy than similar sized conventional buildings.

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Alberta's capital city takes a significant step towards environmental sustainability with its new ECOdome constructed paper and glass recycling facility at the world renown Edmonton Waste Management Centre.

In June [2010] the primary structure's outer lining was inflated in preparation for concrete applications. Time lapse photography highlights the 45 minute inflation process.

Video courtesy the City of Edmonton.